Saturday, February 1, 2014

March 2013: Osaka Day 2 Universal Studios ~

It's been a long time since I update this blog. Since I haven't posted anything since the new year and i've been bored these days, i'm gonna try updating it in my spare time. I'm gonna continue to post about my Japan and Taiwan trip last year. On our 2nd day in Osaka. We visited Universal Studios Japan! We went to Universal Studios in Singapore in 2012, some of the theme parks and attractions were similar but USJ had a lot more theme parks.

Along the way to the entrance

A small shopping complex outside the main entrance. There were many souvenir shops and food courts.

The food court at USJ that has a variety of food, mainly popular food from Osaka.

Finally get to see a Hard Rock cafe!

It was easter that week so there was a lot of easter decorations around the area. 
A picture with the famous Universal globe while waiting for the queue to shorten for our tickets

A cute and entertaining welcome dance by Hello Kitty ^^

They also have the famous Turkey legs like they do in Disney sea/land! :)
One of my all time favourite movies :D

My sister and I with Spiderman! Spiderman is my favourite marvel superhero :)

Jurassic Park! This was actually closed when I went to Universal Studios in Singapore so i'm glad I was able to visit Jurassic park in Japan!

We went to watch WaterWorld show. It was quite interesting, had good action and effects!

Team who lost in cheering get splashed with water xD 

Elmo, hello kitty and snoopy steam buns! superr cute! 

One of my childhood favourites, snoopy :D

These snoopy plushies are sooo cute! Wish I could take them all home haha :D

I bought one of the snoopy dressed in basketball outfit :D

A dress made up of Hello kitty plashes!
I'm loving all the hello kitty decor around the place :D

A quick selfie while I was lining up for the steam buns xD

Took a pick with mum while we were taking a break :)

Cute cupcake ride! I think everything here is very cute~

Big furry cookie monster :D Actually several of the sesame street characters were all around the same area. Didn't have time to chase all of them for a pic though :(

This cute couple was gathering attention for their couple hats! Elmo and cookie monster found it amusing too! 

Me and Elmo doing some random pose lol

After going around USJ, we decided to eat some snacks at the food area.
There was a takoyaki museum that we really wanted to check out!
The takoyaki museum had many stores that sold takoyaki so it was pretty difficult to choose which one. Most of them were selling pretty much the same things for the same prices lol. There are some stores that were also selling takoyaki souvenir 

Super cute takoyaki phone plugs, hair ties and other accessories!

Cute japanese characters dressed in takoyaki

We finally decided on which takoyaki place to eat at! To order, we used the self service machine. You pretty much select which set you want and you hand the ticket to a waiter and you'll get an order number.

We all had a great time at Universal Studios. I actually enjoyed Universal studios much more than Disneysea this time round.  I think because it was very different and we didn't have to wait hours in line to see the attractions like we had to for disney sea. We went to see Terminator 2 in 3D, however it seemed more like 4D with the live people and effects. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures, but it was really cool because I have enjoyed the Terminator movies and the actors for Terminator and John Connor looked SO real that I actually thought it was Arnold Schwarzenegger that jumped out of the movie haha.

Anyway Happy Chinese New Year to everyone, if anyone does read this blog anymore xD
Wishing everyone a prosperous year full of joy, success and wealth!